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The Best Hard Enduro On-Board Mayhem From the 2019 WESS

Experience the action through the riders' eyes across the 2020 WESS Enduro World Championship events as they work hard to keep their bikes moving forward through the near-impossible obstacles and terrain. Enjoy!

Onboard Mario Roman 74 | Sea to Sky 2020 | Mountain Race

Mountain Race,  the fourth day of the Sea to Sky race, Mario Roman finished third behind Graham Jarvis and Wade Young and ahead of Billy Bolt, but in the general classification for all four...

Sea to Sky – Sky race RESULTS

Bily Bolt for the third day in a row the fastest. He is followed by Wade Young and Teodor Kabakchiev. 1 BİLLY Bolt   M 54:23,1   2 WADE Young   M 55:09,1   3 TEODOR Kabakchiev   M 55:11,3   4 GRAHAM Jarvıs   M 56:11,5   5 JOE Deakin   M 56:13,8   6 MARİO Roman   M 57:06,6   7 WİLLİAM Hoare   M 57:21,3   8 PETER Weiss   M 58:27,0   9 JONATHAN Richardson   M 59:34,3   10 BAYRAM Uysal   M 59:47,3   11 ALBERTO Alamuro   M 02:34,3   12 START Mack   M 02:49,9   13 ŞABAN Özdemir   M 04:44,1   14 LEE Sampson   M 05:07,1   15 YUNUS Mor   M 05:50,2   16 EMRE Coşar   M 05:59,9   17 JAMİE Williams   M 06:17,4   18 MATTY Temple   M 07:03,6   19 KEMAL Deveci   M 07:10,1   20 MARK Jacson   M 07:10,2   In the overall standings, Bily Bolt leads second with Wade...

Sea to Sky – Forest Race RESULTS

After the second day of Sea to Sky in Kemer, Rockstar Husqvarna team driver Bily Bolt is in the lead ahead of Mario Roman and Graham Jarvis. 1 BİLLY Bolt M 01:22:10 2 MARİO Roman M 01:23:55 3 GRAHAM Jarvıs M 01:24:11 4 WADE Young M 01:24:24 5 WİLLİAM Hoare M 01:26:44 6 JOE Deakin M 01:27:09 7 TEODOR Kabakchiev M 01:28:43 8 JONATHAN Richardson M 01:29:28 9 PETER Weiss M 01:32:38 10 BAYRAM Uysal M 01:33:29 11 JAMİE Williams M 01:35:39 12 ALBERTO Alamuro M 01:35:54 13 LEE Sampson M 01:36:40 14 EMRE Coşar M 01:37:15 15 START Mack M 01:37:41 16 MARK Jacson M 01:41:20 You can see the complete results after today...
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