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Get Ready to Conquer Gucevo: The Annual Hard Enduro Battle is Here Again!

Accustomed to the fact that every April, the team from Loznica organizes a race on Gucevo, now for the eighth time – Gucevo Challenger 8. As in previous years, we expect excellent organization and even better driving and socializing.

Last year, the weather, more precisely the snow, disrupted the organizer’s plan for the second day of the race, causing the route to be significantly shortened. As a result, we did not see the true extent of Gucevo, but we hope that the weather this year will be more favorable.

Drivers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia stood on the Gucevo Challenger 7 – 2022 podium.

In the A class, the winners were:

  1. Martin Shego
  2. Darko Raič
  3. Petar Topič

In the B class, the winners were:

  1. Braco Hadžić
  2. Vladimir Grajić
  3. Andreja Petrović

In the A veteran class, the winners were:

  1. Gregor the Beast
  2. Vladan Komatović
  3. Danijel Kolesarić

In the C class, the winners were:

  1. Nikola Draganjac
  2. Slobodan Vitorović
  3. Marko Ćatić

With less than two weeks left until the start of the race, we assume that almost everything is ready. We spoke with the organizers to get some insight on the upcoming race.

“Hello, Zoki. With the race quickly approaching, we’re interested to know if there are any changes to the organization, classes, or route compared to last year?”

“Hello, Hard Enduro Loznica has news every year, both on the track and in the organizational and technical part.
This year, the timing will be managed by the Macedonian Timingsolution team, which owns all the necessary licenses and equipment. Additionally, drivers will be tracked using a GPS tracker, which will be available live on the link that we’ll publish on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.
We’ve also added new classes for women and juniors due to high interest from both domestic and foreign drivers.
The prologue will be held in the same location as previous years, but with small changes to make it even more exciting.”

“For drivers coming to Gucevo for the first time, what type of terrain should they expect, and do you have any recommendations for tire selection?”

“I would tell drivers that the race will be challenging, and we can’t control the weather conditions, but as we showed last year, we can overcome any challenge together.
We recommend using soft and super soft tires, and they should be new.
See you in Gucevo, and good luck!”

Details of the race can be found HERE

We wish all competitors a happy and successful race.
See you at the start!


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