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After last year’s forced break, we are all eager to enjoy great hard enduro rides. Xross Challenge is coming back with big changes and new challenges. Prepare for the first Xross Hard Enduro Rally in which riders will cover 300 kilometers of tracks over three mountains – Zlatibor, Tara, and Mokra Gora, for three days. Xross Hard Enduro Rally will be held from September 24 to 26.

The Xross Challenge continues to push the limits. Once considered the toughest hard enduro race in the Balkans, it is becoming a hard enduro rally. The only event of that sort in Europe, and probably in the world, after the famous Red Bull Romaniacs.

After a wonderful five years on Tara mountain, Xross will move to Zlatibor Mountain in 2021, where it will be the headquarters and race office. Zlatibor will be the place from which riders will start their adventure each day. However, Tara will not be completely left out. On the second day of the race, the competitors will meet their favorite and less favorite sections on this harsh mountain beauty. On the final day, the riders will get to know the picturesque Mokra Gora. 

Zlatibor and Mokra Gora are two mountains in close proximity to Tara mountain. In one of the next articles we will write more about these amazing places, and you will see why riding enduro through them will be an amazing and unique experience. 

What will the Xross Hard Enduro Rally look like?

Xross will give you the opportunity you to feel all the charms of the rally and enjoy it to the maximum. Sure, there will be difficult sections, hard enduro will take the maximum out of you and your bike each day. However, the rally brings you an enjoyable enduro ride on the mountain slopes and socializing with other riders more than in previous years. Transferring sections from one mountain to another will lead over mountain ridges and beautiful landscapes. These are liaison sections, so time will not be measured. Therefore, you won’t be overburdened with the speed and stress imposed by the competition part, and you will be able to ride in a group with friends instead of racing. At service points, you will be able to repair your bike by yourself or with the help of other riders, which increases the spirit of friendship at hard enduro events. In front of you is a 300-kilometer route, out of which over 200 kilometers are completely new tracks that you have not ridden before. Get ready and make sure to be in shape, because these will be 3 days full of hard enduro riding during which you will spend a lot of time on your bike. The competition categories remain the same as in previous years – PRO, EXPERT, and HOBBY.

Day 1 – September 24 – Enduro – Zlatibor

During the first day of the rally, the riders will cover about 100 kilometers of routes on Zlatibor. They will have the opportunity to get to know its unreal beauty and somewhat wild character. In the afternoon, in the center of Zlatibor, the Enduro Cross will be held for the 16 best riders from the PRO and EXPERT categories.

Day 2 – September 25 – Hard Enduro – Tara

Riders will start the 2nd day on Zlatibor and move on to Tara, passing around 100 kilometers of tracks in front of them. Upon arrival on Tara, you will be welcomed by well-known obstacles, such as the Mousetrap and Miha’s Creek, but there will be some surprises, too. The track is designed to bring the riders back to Zlatibor, where the base of the race is.

Day 3 – September 26 – Extreme Enduro – Mokra Gora

On the final day, riders will ride another 100 kilometers from Zlatibor to Mokra Gora. It will be a unique opportunity for you to get familiar with all the charms and challenges of this picturesque place between Tara and Zlatibor. The rally ends with a return to Zlatibor, where the announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will be organized.

Additional activities: Riders who arrive on Zlatibor on Thursday, September 23, will enjoy a GPS Training Day, during which they will get a route to load into their GPS devices and ride around ZLatibor, just to get familiar with the ground for the next day. 

Xross Team will soon publish additional information and more detailed explanations, regulations, and applications for the hard enduro rally. Until then, get ready for the craziest hard enduro adventure this year.

Source: Xross 

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