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Hard Enduro Race Divcibare held last weekend!


Last weekend, the first hard enduro race in the Balkans in 2020 was held. Over 100 riders from five countries participated in the hard enduro race, and about 90 quads and big enduro motocycle in the expiriance event.

Saturday morning was reserved for the prologue (qualifiers), and then the start of the race started at around 1 p.m. Peter Topič from Slovenia passed the fastest forty kilometers of Saturday’s route in the Pro class, in 1h50.38, while Mihael Vitko (Slo) and Mehmed Jonuzović (BiH) followed. In the Expert class, the fastest was Braco Hadžić (BiH), followed by Uroš Živković (Serb) and Harun Mehmedagić (BiH). In the Hobby class, the fastest were Milan Kovačić (Serb), Dragan Mutavdžić (Serb) and Zoran Krumov (Serb).

The race started at 10 am on Sunday. Unlike Saturday, which was driven mainly in a coniferous forest with a very rocky surface, the route on Sunday was combined, and had parts of the route in a beech forest with a softer surface and mud.

The order after adding the time of both days is:


Peter Topic (Slo)
Mehmed Jonuzovic (BiH)
Vladan Komatovic (Serb)


Braco Hadzic (BiH)
Harun Mehmedagic (BiH)
Uros Zivkovic (Srb)


Nebojsa Jaksic (Srb)
Igor Skrjanc (Slo)
Dam Kermavner (Slo)


Dragan Mutavdzic (Srb)
Jean Jordan (Slo)
Milan Kovacic (Srb)


Minja Cvetanovic (Srb)


Andreja Petrović (Srb)

We talked with the winner of the PRO class, Peter Topic from Slovenia, about the weekend in Divcibare.

Peter, since you are an experienced competitor, share your impressions of the race and the event in Divčibare

“I, as well as my colleagues who arrived with me, are very satisfied with the organization of the race itself, as well as with the hotel and the service. The prologue was interesting, quite long because the race started immediately afterwards. Saturday’s race itself was quite dangerous due to a lot of rocks peeking out of the grass! The route was difficult, but not too difficult. Tiger Rock – the hill, was a real challenge, but it would be much better if it was at the end than at the beginning of the race.

Sunday’s track is one of the best I’ve ridden, a really good track with all the elements they need for a hard enduro! The route of the race was really well marked, so everyone praised the marking. “

Can we expect you at the start of next year in Divčibare?

“Yes, six of us came from my area this year, and next year the number will certainly be higher, and of course I will return.

My impression from Divčibare is very good, beautiful hill, good people, and praise for the route and organization. I would recommend this race to everyone! ”

What are your plans for the rest of the season?

“This year my plans are to take another good race in Slovenia, go to a race with friends in Cazin – Race of Pain, and of course in October I will return to Serbia, again to a very good race on Tara – Xross Challenge where I am a couple times was. “

Thank you Peter, Balkan Hard Enduro wishes you more podiums this season and see you at the start!

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