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TRACE BADGERS 2020 in Raska, successfully completed!

Last weekend we attended the 5th edition of Trace Badges in Raska, which was driven in the Korlaće quarry and on the slopes of Golija.

Friday was reserved for the night prologue, which was traditionally held in the evening in the city center, more precisely on the promenade by the river Ibar. Unfortunately for the drivers and visitors, this time the organizer decided not to hold the prologue due to the current situation with the Corona virus.

The organizer made different tracks for all three categories. There were laps, A class three, B and C class two laps each. After the laps, the order at the end of the day was:

-A class-

  1. Dušan Blagojević
  2. Damnjan Damnjanović
  3. Dalibor Kujundzić

-B class-

  1. Viktor Gavrilović
  2. Uroš Živković
  3. Nikola Hristov

-C class-

  1. Dragan Mutavdzić
  2. Divjak Nikica
  3. Djordje Stamenković

Sunday was D-Day. The 65 km long trail left the possibility of losing the advantage gained on the first day. The difficult terrain of Golija and the high temperature required good psychophysical readiness from the driver.

At the end of the day in the A class, the best was Vlade Milutinović, who, after 4th place on Saturday, drove perfectly on Sunday and managed to win.

-A class-

  1. Vlade Milutinović
  2. Tomislav Ristović
  3. Damnjan Damnjanović

-B class-

  1. Uroš Živković
  2. Viktor Gavrilović
  3. Marko Ivanović

-C class-

  1. Dragan Mutavdzić
  2. Divjak Nikica
  3. Igor Erac

The best in the Veteran class was Darko Mirković, and in the Junior class Igor Erac

As every year so far, the organizers of Trace Badgers make a great hard enduro race, perfectly balanced and well marked, interesting for both competitors and the audience, which is always in large numbers in Raska.

This year, there were a lot of announcements for the arrival of competitors from the countries in the region, but unfortunately, as the situation with the corona virus worsened, so it remained for domestic drivers to fight for the cup from Raska.

Congratulations to the organizer, we expect an even better race next year, and until then … full throttle, and see you at the start!

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