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VIDEO > Mario Roman | 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke | Which Dirt Bike is the Best for You

In the enduro world, there is a long debate about which motorcycle is better or which one you should choose for yourself, 2t or 4t.

Let’s see what Mario Roman, one of the best hard enduro riders in the world, has to say about it.

Mario Roman “Sherco is one of the best manufacturers out there offering the most competitive dirt bikes that money can buy.

I was on a mission to break it down for you through my perspective. We picked one of the best places on the planet, Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. We had a stock 250 SEF Factory and a 250 SE Factory at hand. They were only equipped with a couple extra aftermarket protection parts, nothing racey.

I took three hot laps around the track, two with 4T and one with 2T. I gave 4T a second chance because the track was battered with the heavy rain during the previous night and didn’t want the 2T has an advantage of an already opened lines.

In the end I felt more relaxed on the 2T because I used to it. Despite the two bikes are nearly at the same weight I find 2T lighter especially at the technical sections. On the other hand, 4T felt like it has more grip and on the straights it sure is more stable and determined. I hope you liked the video and this was a help for you to choose.”

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