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Beta released a completely redesigned model a few months ago for 2020. Thanks to Betamotor Serbia, we had the opportunity to test one of their best-selling models, the Beta 300RR Racing 2020.

At first glance, the new model is completely different from previous generations.

The KYB front suspension, which is standard on the racing model, certainly comes to the fore. A narrow design, a wider steering wheel, a straight seat is something that will suit everyone. Beta has always been applicable to the lower engine, but this is not the case with 2020 models.

Immediately after starting the engine, a counterweight was felt which drastically reduced the vibration. On all two-stroke units is still an old good carburetor that works perfectly in all modes. Power is abundant, and this is especially pronounced at low rpm. The transmission we drove is 13/48 and this is something that should not be changed for extreme enduro. The KYB suspension works perfectly in all terrains. Racing models have an ejection of two-tactol oil, while ordinary models have a mixture. The month can be switched off via only one connector, so the owner can optionally pour the already made mixture into the tank if he does not want to have automatic mixing of oil and fuel.

The general impression is that the Beta has made a huge step up from its previous models and that the next generation will definitely be something that enduro enthusiasts will want to drive.

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