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Dusan Blagojevic: For a successful ride you have tо be good on both, fast and heavy sections!

Just before 2020, we spoke with Dusan Blagojevic about the start of the season, the biggest challenges in hard enduro, and plans for the future.

Dule is 2018. hard enduro champion of Serbia in the “A” class, and in many ways the best driver in Serbia. He took a break last season, and if he is going to get started this year, read on in the text that follows.

For start, can you tell us a bit more about yourself – how long have you been riding hard enduro, when and why did you decide to go in for this sport and have you been involved in any other sports before?

I’ve been in enduro since 2014, and I started because I love nature and motors. Before that, I rode a sport bike for two years and became the champion of Eastern Europe and Serbia.

You paused last season, can we expect your return to racing in 2020. season?

I plan to participate in races both at home and abroad this year. I had too much work last year but I spent a lot of time training, so I think I’m driving to a whole new level now and I can’t wait to get back to start line.


Which races have you participated in so far, and what has made the biggest impression on you?

As for the domestic races, I generally struggled to participate in every race to support the sport and the organizers who put a lot of love and time into making the event. Of course there was Xross, Raska, Loznica, Fruska Gora and I really enjoyed each one. When it comes to racing abroad, I participated in the 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs, which is probably the imagination of every driver and is quite demanding. Apart from the treks and the rides themselves, here I was fascinated by the organization and the dimension of the whole event.

What would you single out as your greatest success? And what races are you planning to ride this year?

In terms of driving, there is the aforementioned 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs – where I was driving Bronze due to a knee injury and was fast for that class, and from the domestic there is Xross Challenge where I watched Wade Young a lot. I will do my best to support all the domestic races, and I’m especially preparing for the international races.

Hard Enduro is a pretty tough sport both physically and mentally. How do you motivate yourself during the hardest times in the race, when the limit to giving up is very close, and what would be your advice to younger drivers?

I like to go beyond my limits every time, and when I think I’m already expecting a finish line, then I know I’ve done my best. I would advise young riders to lead a healthy life and be patient when it comes to sports. Above all, this should be a pleasure and make us better people after all. The competitive spirit should not prevail over fair play. I also advise them to work on the driving technique first and foremost, because it is crucial in the end.

We know that in hard enduro the terrain varies, there are fast as well as extreme parts, it often happens that the same section can be unrecognizable when it rains or a large number of drivers pass by. What kind of terrain is more appropriate for you, extreme, or fast enduro sections?

Yes, this is also a advantage for this sport, it never rides on identical terrain, there is always something new there. I love all terrains in nature. Successful driving requires good handling of both fast and heavy sections.


What are your plans for the future?

In addition to racing, I plan to enjoy the ride, meet strangers with Serbia and win another mountain for hard enduro this year.

Tell us in the end, which motorcycle do you prefer, four stroke or two stroke 250..300 and why?

After many hours on different engines I can say that I love all new 🙂 . Two-stroke suits me more for extreme, whether 250 or 300 doesn’t really play a big role to me, both are great engines. With four strokes I like to play in the long hills where gas has to be held, or when exploring a new mountain. The new KTM TPI engines have really taken two strokes to the next level.

Thank you Dule, Balkan Hard Enduro team wishes you success in the upcoming season!

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