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Gaerne SG10 – owner review

Gaerne is an Italian brand that has a tradition of manufacturing motocross-enduro boots for over 40 years. Flagship of the brand is certainly the SG 12 boot, but this time I will give my impressions for the “weaker” model SG 10, which for some time was at the top of the Italian manufacturer .
At first glance, the SG 10 is no different than other boots, but it’s not quite the case, since the SG 10 is actually a premium boot class.

The model I wore is from 2017, and I don’t think any changes to the SG 10 have been made to date except for the new colors. What I would point out with these boots is durability, comfort and protection.
After 350 hours of use in extreme conditions, and not very good maintenance, although they show traces of use, the SG 10 has no significant damage that would reduce the protection or comfort of the driver.

The sole is double stitch and made of durable composite materials, and in addition to the plastic parts that protect the foot, a large percentage of the boot is made of genuine leather. The construction may be a little more robust, but after a few wearing the boot will form on your leg and you will no longer feel it in the ride, even if that ride lasts all day. They have a biomechanical joint that increases the range of motion of the wrist while protecting against hyperflexion of the foot.
Speaking of comfort, the memory foam interior with ankle pads, which make the SG 10 one of the most comfortable boots, plays a key role.
Interestingly, the SG 10s were not declared as water resistant, but they have only recently started to leak a little.
What I would say from the damage for 350h of use is the cracked two straps, the strap guide and the metal tips that came off after a few runs.
I have to mention that I wear shoe size eu. 43, and SG 10 is eu. 44.
The SG 10 weighs 4.5 kg which is 300gr more than the much more expensive Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS weighing 4.2 kg.

Given that the price of the Gaerne SG 10 is from 250 to 300eur, I don’t think that I can buy better quality boots for that price.

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