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Gucevo Challenger 6 – completed last weekend in Banja Koviljaca!


Last weekend we attended the sixth edition of the Gucevo Challenger race, which is traditionally held every year in April on the slopes of Mount Gucevo above Loznica. This year, about 90 drivers from Serbia, BiH and Slovenia attended.
On the first day, there was a prologue – qualifications, and after that, the competitors went to the start of the first day, where a route about 32 km long was waiting for them.

The track was dry and the race was expected to be extremely fast.
An hour later, the first drivers began to arrive. The result of the first day by class looked like this.

Class A:
1. Jaka Seleš Slo -SelesMoto-
2. Bor Brejc Slo
3. Miha Špindler Slo

Class B:
1. Dalibor Kujundzic Srb -ElGi-
2. Tjaša Fifer Slo
3. Milan Lovrić Srb -Motoland-

Veteran class:
1. Gregor Zver Slo
2. Samir Nesimović BiH -Old Wheels-
3. Nikica Divjak Srb -Balkan Hard Enduro-

C class:
1. Milan Kovacic Srb -Kompp.co-
2. Dragan Mutavdzic Srb -MK Jazavci-
3. Igor Erac Srb -MK Badgers-

On the second day of the race, the drivers had about 64 km of a slightly more demanding track than the first day. Long streams, fast sections, uphills and downhills alternated.
After more than two hours of fighting, the final order of the drivers was as follows:

Class A:
1. Miha Špindler Slo
2. Jaka Seleš Slo -SelesMoto-
3. Vlade Milutinović Srb -Ere Arilje-

Class B:
1. Dalibor Kujundzic Srb -ElGi-
2. Ervin Margit Srb -Bendix-
3. Milan Lovrić Srb -Motoland-

Veteran class:
1. Igor Skrjanc Slo
2. Marjan Dugalic Srb -Mk Jazavci-
3. Darko Mirkovic Srb -Hard Enduro Ravna Gora-

C class:
1. Milan Kovacic Srb -Kompp.co-
2. Jovan Lukovic Srb -Balkan Hard Enduro-
2. Dragan Mutavdzic Srb -MK Jazavci-

We talked to the most trophy-winning and probably the most experienced driver from this area from Slovenia, Miha Spindler, about his impressions from the Gucevo Challenger.
Spindler spent his whole life in motorsport, he had an extremely successful motocross career, after which he switched to hard enduro, in which he also secured a place among the best riders in the world.
In the PRO class, Miha drove big world races such as Red Bull Romaniacs, Erzbergrodeo, Sea To Sky, Hells Gate, Getzen Rodeo and others.

Hello Miha. First of all, congratulations on winning the first place at the Gucevo Challenger. There was a race in Lika last weekend, tell us your impressions from that race and did this season start with that race?

“Hello, thank you for the congratulations. It was my first race in Lika in a year. The race itself was almost a little difficult for me, I ran out of strength. But now I’m slowly keeping fit, so it will get better and better. “

You are always a welcome competitor and a guest of Serbia in races, you are a regular at the Xross Challenge on Tara, where you are also the most trophy driver, but you are participating in the Gucevo Challenger for the first time.
Despite the Covid restrictions, seven of you drivers from Slovenia still decided to go on the road to Serbia and Gucevo. What are your impressions after two days of competition, the organization itself, the race route, the markings?

“We seven drivers have decided to come anyway, to hang out with you at least a little bit and to try a new race, which has been going on for years. The route itself was not too difficult for me, so I enjoyed the race. All praise goes to the organizer! “

What else is in your plan from the races this season, Erzberg rodeo..Romaniacs maybe?

“Erzberg is probably going, I have already registered and they gave me the number 50. I am definitely coming to Tara. I’ll see what other races I’ll ride, depending on the Covid situation. And I will normally drive all domestic races. “

Will we see you this year in Serbia at another race, Divčibare..Xross?

“I think I’m coming to both races.😉 “

In the end, what would you say to younger drivers, what should they focus on in training in order to be faster and more successful?

“If they are well physically prepared, they will be fast and strong. And let them do everything with their heads! ”

Thanks Miha, I hope to see you again soon!

This was the first hard enduro race this season in Serbia, we follow:
TSR 7 in Otočac 22.05 -Croatia
Days of Revenge on Bjelasnica 12.06. -BiH

See you soon at the start,

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