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New race in BHE calendar > Enduro Riv3R Crossing- Veria, Greece!

Few drivers from this area know that a hard enduro race is traditionally held in the city of Veria in Greece during the month of June. The race is specific both because of the prologue that is in the very center of the city, and because of the race route itself.

We spoke with race organizer Giorgos about what to expect at Enduro River Crossing.

Photographer: Wayne Orsler

Greetings, Giorgos. I must say that few drivers in this area know that it is a very good race in Greece. Tell us at the beginning, when you organized the first race what is this edition of Riv3r Enduro Crossing?

1st edition of Riv3r Enduro Crossing was at 2016. This is the 4th edition, as there was no race at 2017 and 2020.

How would you single out your race, is there anything that makes it specific? We heard that the prologue is in town, that it is very interesting and has a lot of audience?

Yes, we try to keep it near the town, so the 1st day, the Prologue is a very spectacular event in the town, and especially in the Riv3r that passes throught the center of the town. In addition, we make a artificial special test with hard obstacles in the central square of the town, with more than 5.000 spectators! And the next day, the race has 5 difficult stages, 5-10 minutes from the town, that everybody can follow them.

Photographer: Wayne Orsler

And this year are two competition days?

Yes, the program will be the same, and maybe the next day (Monday 21/6/2021 – it is holiday in Greece) to make a non competition enduro tour through the track for hobby riders, just to see the spirit of hard enduro.

Do drivers from other countries have to have the appropriate licenses, possibly can a race license be obtained on the spot?

Every rider who owns a national license can participate in the race with just a starting permission from his federation. Otherwise he can issue a Greek License just for this event on the spot, with a additional cost 60€.

Photographer: Wayne Orsler

Tell us for the end, have the race registrations been released, and how many drivers do you expect?

Applications are in progress, and we expect over 100 drivers

Thanks Giorgos, see you at the start in June!

You can view the details of the Enduro Riv3r Crossing race, and also register for participation here -> Riv3r Crossing

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