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RedBull Romaniacs “Vertical Madness” -POSTPONED-

Unfortunately this year’s Redbull Romaniacs has been postponed! We transmit the full statement of Martin Freinademetz.

“Last night, June 17, 2020 at 6:30 p.m., we made one of our toughest decisions ever. After weeks of fighting odds and ten months preparing for our Vertical Madness Edition ↗↗, it became apparent that we were losing the race against time and Corona . Until the last moment (18:29 …), most of us saw a decent chance for the “normal” execution of Red Bull Romania 2020 – in the original date from July 21 to 25. For months, we dreamed of reuniting our Hard-Enduro family after the crisis and releasing our international competitors to our racetrack 🏁🏁🏁.
Unfortunately, we finished the race against Corona in second place, shortly in just a few extra weeks, maybe days, as the recent loosening of anti-crown restrictions in Romania has been slower than expected.
Our biggest challenge remains travel restrictions to and from Romania, making it difficult for a large percentage of our competitors to attend Red Bull Romania in July.
That’s why we decided last night to switch the switch, postpone the event – and we immediately informed our participants that the date of July 21 is no longer possible .
We are now evaluating candidates for backup dates and will announce a new event date soon”
Martin Freinademetz

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