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Red Bull ROMANIACS “Vertical madness” starts !!

One of the most famous and toughest hard enduro races in the world RedBull Romaniacs starts tomorrow in Romania in the city of Sibiu.

Due to the situation with the Covid-19, the spectacular city prologue will not be ridden this year, but will be ridden time trail race for the starting position.

See what a snippet of the time trial qualifier looks like from Mike Skinner’s track manager’s camera:

Wednesday 28.10. the race starts and the fight of the competitors with the wild Romania terrain begins. RBR director Martin Freinademetz is convinced that this edition of Romaniacs will be the most difficult so far. In support of this is the new rule of the race that no help is allowed on difficult parts of the track. Spectators, and especially the crew of some teams that help their drivers, have been a feature of recent years.

phptp RedBull

The organizers of Romaniacs say that they will have official track managers on the most difficult parts of the track, whose task will be to advise and encourage drivers, show them the best “lines” so that they can try to conquer the most difficult climbs and terrains on their own.

Will the multiple winner of Romaniacs and the oldest pro driver Graham Jarvis manage to climb the podium this year, or maybe even win for the seventh time? According to its form that we saw in 2020, we can expect something like that. We are sure to watch a great last minute fight between Jarvis, Manuel Lettenbichler, Wade Young, Alfredo Gomez, Mario Roman, Taddy Blazusiak, Billy Bolt, Jonny Walker and others.

Last preparations and warm-up for the pro driver before tomorrow’s start:

photo Hila Tiberiu/Red Bull

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