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Balkan Hard Enduro TEST – XGrip HULKYBOY 90/100-21

For the past month, we’ve had opportunities to test XGrip’s Hulky boy on three different motocycles, and the impressions have been identical.

HULKY BOY is available in dimensions 90 / 100-21 and is specially designed for Hard-Enduro. The name HULKYBOY stands for itself, as its incredibly wide tread offers great grip, especially on downhills, and thus gives a lot of confidence and feedback on the front wheel.

The tread is designed to be cleaned even at low speeds, but the knobs themselves are not too far away to have the characteristics and grip of a trial tire. It is suitable for almost any terrain.

We tested the tire on various terrains, from rocky ground, creeks, and even muddy downhills and trails.

Although we tried to find a downside in it, we failed in about 40 hours of testing. On a rocky surface, as expected, the muscular Hulky Boy raises self-confidence because there are no sudden bumps and jerks of the steering wheel, because the robust construction of the tire absorbs and cushions the front wheel and allows the suspension to do the rest of the work.

After a while, you get so much self-confidence and feedback from the front wheel that you don’t avoid even large rocks, but catch the right path and hit the throttle 😊, and this is very pronounced in rocky creeks where you usually try to find the ideal line with another tire.

As for the mud we were a bit skeptical, but Hulky again pleasantly surprised us. Steep muddy downhills, steep slopes, as well as sharp rapid changes of direction Xgrip did without mistake.

Due to the high profile of the tire, it happened to us that on downhills with strong braking and compression of the front suspension, the tire slightly hooked the exhaust guard on the 2t engine, but not to such an extent as to disrupt the behavior of the motocycle.

We haven’t changed the front suspension setting, but you may have to override it due to a different transmission of the front wheel impact force to the suspension.

I have to mention that in the tests at Hulky Boy we had an EV-2 XGrip mousse designed for that tire, as well as an inner thick-walled tire inflated to 0.8-0.9 bar.

After about 40 hours, we can say without a doubt that Hulky passed the test! Hulky Boy, as well as other Xgrip products can be purchased at MRG Motoshop.

The next tire that is already being tested is the XGrip – Jack the Gripper. Stay tuned!

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