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FOX Raptor Protector Vest – owner review

Fox Racing is an US brand, and one of the world leaders in motorcycle and mountain biking equipment. They sponsor and equip the best riders in the world of motocross, hard enduro and other sports.

This time I will tell you my experience with the Chest Protector Fox Racing Raptor Vest
I decided on this model because of its light weight, good protection, and at the same time excellent ventilation.
I have been wearing it for two years, and I can say with confidence that it has been tested in all possible conditions and on various shocks and falls.
The complete exterior is made of plastic, while the interior is lined with bio foam. On the back is an additional CE Certified 1621-2 protector

The Fox Raptor is one of the few on the market to completely protect the ribs, that is the entire torso in circumference, which is one of the reasons why I opted for it.
The large slits in the front allow for excellent ventilation, which minimizes sweating at higher temperatures. Considering that it is made of plastic and quite robust design, I must mention that the comfort is at an enviable level..

The Raptor has quick buckles that connect the front and back and fold around the ribs, which can be further adjusted by the torso circumference. Also the height of the front can be adjusted, lowered or raised, as well as the position of the shoulder guard with three positions.

What I would like to mention as a minus is the shoulder guard, to which the upper arm is connected by a strap. The part that protects the shoulder is in such a mechanical connection with the torso guard that it does not allow the movement of the arm in the shoulder joint upwards, the lifting of the arms. If you try to push the bike uphill that is not uncommon in this sport, or let’s say you lift the motocycle out of the minus, the connection between the shoulder and the torso guard may break.
It happened to me when I was wearing my jersey (raising my hand). I didn’t try to repair it because it was not possible to restore it to its in original condition.
The interior is prone to soiling and cannot be wiped but requires washing, unlike the Airframe Pro Jacket  which I will describe in the next blog.


Elbow protectors must be purchased separately. The specification also states that it is compatible with neck brace but I do not use it so I cannot confirm it.
It is available in S / M and L / XL sizes. S / M is up to 180cm in height. Raptor mass in S / M is 1.3kg
Price ranges from 140 to 240eur.

My rating for this model is 8/10

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